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We work with solid domestic and exotic hardwoods on a daily basis, but we also have extensive knowledge of the veneering process. Thin layers of wood allow the greatest flexibility in design and is an environmentally friendly choice. All of our veneers are hand selected for beauty and optimization. Veneer sequencing, balancing, matching, and sketch face designs are a few of the ways that veneers can be used to create unique, custom pieces.
Design Services
Our design process starts with an in depth interview and review of your space to identify the style and functionality you want to achieve. We will measure and photograph your space. A detailed project proposal, including a concept sketch are typically provided within a few days. At subsequent meetings, we can show you different solid wood or veneer samples to help you visualize the grain structure and color that would be appropriate for your project.
Unique Finishes
Beautiful finishes are a key part of fine furniture. In order to keep close control over the finish process, all of our finishing is done in house using the finest Italian products. Staining, high gloss lacquer, painted finishes, glazing, and gilding, are just a few of the finishing techniques we are very familiar with. We can also color match to any color chip or an existing furniture piece you provide. We also work with textiles, like goatskin, leather and shagreen.
We do not outsource our installations. Our craftsman build your project and have engineered the installation for your space. They are the best resource for installing your project properly and expeditiously.
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